This one is pretty short because I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted while working on the piece. Overall the model was nice if a bit fiddly to get together and clean off the small bits of resin flash that it came with. The guy I was working for wanted as close as possible to the box art so I ended up working with the purples and pinks that I usually avoid in my more subdued style.

The biggest hurdles were probably getting the large areas of skin properly shaded and highlighted with repeated runs of flesh wash and careful touchup afterwards. Other than that getting the highlighting on the horns was a trick due to how much they interact with the rest of the model. The rest was actually pretty simple since the high level of surface detail made it take wash and drybrush really nicely. I wasn’t asked to do basing but given the chance I think a snowy base would have been a fun bit of contrast and tied in well with the other cool colors used in the model overall.