After doing another pink commission paint for someone at the FLGS I was asked if I’d be interested in doing a pink tech priest for another guy’s AdMech army. I am really quite fond of the goofy 50’s robot look of AdMech so I agreed to give it a go even though I hate painting pink. The figure he gave me was actually an alternate sculpt from WargameExclusive with a pinup female tech priest so that made things even more interesting with the large areas of exposed skin to paint.

I ended up using a combination of Reaper and Vallejo paints, I’m a particular fan of the Vallejo gunmetal, but the real winner was the Reaper pink I used for the cloth. Unfortunately it’s the breast cancer awareness paint they release each October and there’s no way to just buy it by itself…so hopefully I don’t run out before that time this year.

The skin and cloth turned out nicely after a very watered down wash of Army Painter washes. The flesh wash in particular really helped bring out the skin but took multiple thin coats to build up the effect without tide lines. Highlights were simple additions of white to the pink and a few extra metallics drybrushed over the mechanical parts.

Overall I’m pretty pleased, but there are still some places I’d like to improve. The face, especially the one uncovered eye, was so small I couldn’t really get a brush in to do any detail work without smudging everything else. I also want to play around with different varnishes to get glass effects, which really didn’t come out on this one.