What if instead of the final march on Berlin in 1945 WWII ground to a bloody halt in the face of new and terrible science? The war isn’t over yet in 1947 and things only get weirder by the day as hordes of zombies and giant mechs tear up the battlefields of Europe and Asia seeking world domination.

This event is to build a community for the game Konflikt 47 at War Room Games in Las Vegas through a fun and gradual escalation. The intent is to introduce the game to the shop and new players while also having a little competitive fun.

In the hope of providing an additional mirror for the event documents as well as sharing them with the greater gaming community here’s the info!

  1. Event Rules and Guidelines
  2. Week 1 Mission
  3. Battle Score Sheet
  4. Sportsmanship Score Sheet

In the following weeks other missions will get posted along with any battle reports I get from the players. Hopefully we can get a nice lively community going out here in the land of sand!