Sorry all about the delay in getting this up, as always the real world interfered. First order of business is to give you the updated standings as of the end of Week 3.

  1. Paul - 75pts
  2. Jason - 69pts
  3. Boyd - 49pts
  4. Saoul - 36pts
  5. Erik - 35pts
  6. Miguel - 34pts
  7. Aaron - 17pts

Now these only reflect the two games I know were played, so if there’s paperwork missing let me know and I will update things accordingly.

This final battle will be drawing upon the Resurgence expansion to the KF47 universe. In case you haven’t picked it up already, and you should, the scenario is summarized below.

Last bit of business, would you guys be interested in a big final tournament or narrative game to top off the league? I’ll have a FB poll up so let me know if that’s something of interest.

  1. Event Rules and Guidelines
  2. Week 4 Mission
  3. Battle Score Sheet
  4. Sportsmanship Score Sheet