I really can’t escape painting pink at my FLGS it seems… This piece is a throwback to October of last year and is yet another alternative sculpt! Thankfully, compared to the previous tech priest, there’s a lot less exposed skin on this one and many more fun technical bits to paint up!

Again I ended up using Vallejo and Reaper paints including that special cancer awareness pink from Reaper. Thankfully, I was able to make an order in October from Reaper so I’ve got another bottle to work with when the first one runs out. I just hope nobody asks for a Dunecrawler or anything really huge!

The parts that took the most time here were definitely the tons of cables on the model and my decision to have a rubber tube with metalic bands around it. That and the green nodes along her shoulders were probably the most time consuming parts to get painted correctly. The cloth went even better this time though with a better understanding of how heavily I could dilute the red wash I was using to get the shadow effect on the pink. This time we got more smooth coverage and fewer tide lines than the last attempt.

My favorite parts are probably the various glass eyes on her mask and servo-skulls as well as the plasma gun. The eyes worked out particularly well and I think both the highlighting I did as well as the gloss varnish to make them more reflective really worked out. The plasma gun is just something I haven’t had a chance to do before and I think I did an ok job of getting the blue glow effect from the coils. I would like to improve on that and maybe add some more detail to the brass of the gun itself.