• Konflikt in the Desert - Week 2

    Happy Friday everyone and I hope you are all psyched for the kickoff of the Konflikt in the Desert this Saturday at War Room Games! Your lists are polished, your weapons fearful. Give them hell!

    Konflikt in the Desert - Week 2
  • Konflikt in the Desert - Week 1

    What if instead of the final march on Berlin in 1945 WWII ground to a bloody halt in the face of new and terrible science? The war isn’t over yet in 1947 and things only get weirder by the day as hordes of zombies and giant mechs tear up the battlefields of Europe and Asia seeking world domination.

    Konflikt in the Desert - Week 1
  • Rosea Mechanicus

    Today we have a recent commission piece from the FLGS, Pink Mechanicus!
  • Old Commissions

    So after a great deal of fuss, time, and moving to Las Vegas we have our very first painting based post. I’m starting off easy with just a whole mess of pictures from things I’ve painted for friends that I don’t have the notes for. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some random DnD paints.

  • A Site Reborn

    Well here we go again, another one of my sites turned from a complex mess of PHP to a dirt simple Jekyll blog. This site has always been more of my playground than anything else and I thought it was about time to make the design and content reflect that. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be posting some painting retrospectives looking at what I’ve learned over the last year or so. Then I’m hoping to launch into a mass painting of my Japanese Bolt Action army which will get a nice long build log detailing how they’re getting on. Anyway, pleasure to have you here, hope you find something worth your time.

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